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"Le monde est là dedans" 2004
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"Sans forme ni figure" 2011
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"Prendre l'Eau 2" 2010
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"Mise en scène" 2007
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"Si peu d'apparence" 2011
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"Prendre l'Eau 5" 2011

Cléo Robine

Présentation série « Le Monde se fait et se défait »

Le Monde, en perpétuel mouvement, se fait et se défait au gré des misères des hommes et des dérèglements de la planète. Ces migrations humaines et animales charrient leur lot de douleurs et d'espoirs laissant dans leurs sillages des empreintes de vies en reconstruction.

Cléo Robine développe ici un concept d'architecture filaire, composé de fils multicolores aux sections et tailles différentes, assemblés en volume sur un plan vertical. Les 15 toiles présentes ici, témoignent des déplacements des êtres vivants et des traces qu'ils impriment dans l'environnement. Certaines altèrent tandis que d'autres nourrissent. Dispersions, regroupements, errances, les chemins parcourus rident la surface de la terre nourricière et en modifient profondément ses expressions. Ces parcours, parfois chaotiques, s'illustrent à travers l'enchevêtrement formé par les fils ainsi que leur taille, à l'image de ces champs de couleurs tranchées, alternant vacuité et surpeuplement. Puis le poids des œuvres nous fait ressentir les difficultés rencontrées, alors que la lumière, selon où le regard se pose, intensifie les palpitations de ce monde en captant ses vibrations.

Par ce saisissant patchwork vivant, travaillé comme une tapisserie, l'artiste ébauche un futur en réinvention.

Isabelle Diacre

Space for principle.

Cléo Robine exceeds the color of divisions to transgress the chaos that the matter required.

It goes beyond the pictorial expression to push the boundaries, to create a vibrant language of sincerity. Make audible the contrary, working on the trace, the sign, the footprint, proves to be one of his main artistic motivations.

Cleo captures the impalpable: space as a principle, materials like language, colors like signals ... And it pushes the lines above, draw the about a possible and necessary poetry.

She is interested in the body, depending scars of life, avoiding useless talk, with the concern of the sketch to the borders of minimalism. His approach is noble and forward essential. Favoring the recovery of the waste in art, it proves that nothing is over, everything starts again.

A graduate of the Ecole Boulle, the visual rebellious and opinionated, feeds his sharing quest, into the silence of the fallen territories.

Recently, the artist triggers its alert for the awakening of consciousness and philosophy is timely. As the empty search full, Cleo Robine fulfills its partition as a necessary breathing the artist to accomplish its goal, with this humility that characterizes it.

Mylène Vignon
Expert in contemporary art

The Art / Dissonance 2012 2013/2014

My work starts on a visual awareness of nature ! misunderstanding , a revolt ! flooded fields weeding before the transition to sowing.

"Man is the only living being capable of destroying the natural environment to suit their needs and whims. "

"We are enriched by the lavish use of our natural resources and we have just reason to be proud of our progress. But the time has come to consider what will happen when our forests are no longer , when the coal, iron and oil are exhausted, when the soils have been depleted and washed into rivers , polluting their waters and stripping fields impeding navigation. "
Theodore Roosevelt

I walk and I wonder ... !

Global warming, loss of biodiversity , pollution of all kinds, disruption of the water cycle , irreversible depletion of natural resources ....! Exhaustion of the planet .... !

In 2012 I started the "Territories Fallen " series which will continue until 2013 the number of 15 paintings.

Earth has always been the scene of great turmoil , but generally slow enough to allow time for a new equilibrium to be established.
Human activity , changing scale since the 19th century with the industrial revolution and accelerating population growth, has become itself a powerful factor of upheaval.
It is therefore the responsibility of men to control and reduce their footprint.

In 2014 I will continue the series "Nothing is done all over again " yet the number of 17 paintings.

"Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand of the web. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. " Chief Seattle, 1854 Geronimo.

Go to the main part, say nothing about useless. Before 2012

In my works, Universal joins Intimate.

Treating the area by original way, I use space as principle, matters as languages, colors as signs, and oil painting structure : my lines again and again my lines that always structure my colored scope.

In quest of foot prints, stamps, elements which leave its marks on the human body and made by the body : by water ; tests and all is in relation with injustice, hypocrisy, narrow-mindedness, authoritarianism ; by pain : hurt and grief…

I refuse description and anecdote, but I prefer color intensity.
Colors and lines are in my view one. The most important is the internal vibration held the most intimate.
Then, I try to pierce, to cut, to open and to open partway, to close, coordinating differences, taming tensions, exploring breakdown, making interest in knot the most usual.

I need any textures, relation between matters as wood, plaster cast, plaster tape and screws, nails, nuts, wires, ropes natural fibers, my combination of matters, the slick and the undressed like a kind of language between an achieved thing and the imperfection.

I try to show what the reality hides, and to make appear models of the unconscious.

Then I break the customs and abyss the empty and the full, the reality and the appearance, the essential and the unnecessary.
The concepts of limits and passages make the key of my decrypted works.
My demand is absolute and I am looking for provoking thought, reaction, challenging.

According to me, the eye must be free and necessary interpreter.

My oil painting aren't windows opening outside but doors which are opening inside spirit.

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